I haven't read any of the 50 Shades of Grey books, but there are things we can learn from these books.  I will be honest, not knowing the book some of the things I was hearing about the book didn't make sense but some of them are one hundred percent correct. Here is the best advice that I have gained from the book, remember most of this came from conversations with friends and family.

- Real women will not sign a non-disclosure agreement. In fact in most cases you have less than twenty-four hours until all of her friends know how you were in bed.

-Even if a woman drunk-dials you, it is not cool to use software to track them down. Actually that sounds a lot like a stalker, don't even think about it.

-Hiring a maid to wash your girlfriends underwear while she sleeps isn't sweet, cute, or going to score you any points with your sweetheart. Just creepy.

-Pouncing on a woman unannounced in an elevator will NOT always work out well for you. Try at your own risk, and know that criminal charges could be enforced if the pouncing is unwanted.

-Lastly, being a sociopathic, sadistic weirdo isn't OK just because you are good looking and have lots of money. Although it will help your chances with the ladies a ton.

Will I see the movie when it comes out Friday, NO! But I will be planning a romantic evening on Saturday. Valentine's Day coincident, I think not.

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