Missoula, you know I love you! But these results are the most 'Montana' thing I've ever seen in my life... and definitely explain why I'm still single! Haha

I think we've all embraced the 'Keep Missoula Weird' slogan. I mean we are the city that voted Costco as the 3rd Best Adult Store along with Adam & Eve and that other sex store that I don't actually think has a name. I guess I missed the part when Costco went all sexy on us and started selling condoms in-bulk along with other adult unmentionables... Who knew?! Haha

So I guess this means that Missoulians don't shy away from the truth, or at least how they truly feel! Time and time again I've asked friends and listeners their opinion on the best place to find/start a romantic relationship in Missoula. Their answers were all over the map, and according to the Missoula's Choice results were all very wrong! Haha

So with that said, here are the Best ONLINE Sites To 'Mingle' On according to Missoulians:

  1. farmersonly.com (Umm...#IsThisRealLife)
  2. pof.com (Soo... this def sounds made up)
  3. Facebook (It's called Facebook stalking...)

And if those aren't enough to give your love life the boost that it needs, here are the Best PLACES to 'mingle' if you're single in Missoula...

  1. Sunrise Saloon
  2. Jacobs Island Bark Park
  3. Farmers' markets
Nicole Wren TSM
Nicole Wren TSM

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