If you're looking for a used vehicle that doesn't cost too much, this might be the perfect opportunity for you. The Missoula Police Department is holding an Abandoned Vehicle Auction taking place at Pro Towing at 1922 South 3rd Street West in Missoula, MT on Thursday, August 2nd starting at 10 a.m. going until approximately 1 p.m.

Vehicles will be available for viewing beginning at 9:30 a.m. on auction day. Here is the list of vehicles as shown on the Missoula Police Department Facebook page.

We all know that vehicles can be expensive so if you have a kid that is starting school soon and will be driving to school for the first time, this would be a great opportunity to get a good car at a reasonable price.

I'm sure that all of these vehicles have been searched to make sure there is nothing left in them, but if you do purchase one I would take the time and make sure there is nothing left behind by any previous owner.

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