I've done some pretty wild stunts before in my radio career. Once I stayed awake for 103 hours to break a world record to help a charity. One time I even stood on the corner of Malfunction Junction in a baby bonnet and diapers to rally up donations for local kids...

But nothing like this! And the only reason why I am doing it is because I know full well that my actions will surely benefit the less fortunate in this community.

It is a little known fact that 1 in 7 people in Montana suffer from HUNGER. Your next door neighbors, perhaps even your own family. As a result I am going to attempt something that has never been done before in the history of Missoula, knowing full well that it is dangerous, a little crazy, and yet something that will get people talking about an effort that certainly needs to be brought to the forefront.


CLICK PLAY to see what I will be attempting next Thursday, October 23rd.


Our friends at FeedMT.org are here to support this ongoing cause that plagues our wonderful community. With just $5 you can help by reserving a virtual seat in the Washington/Grizzly arena, and by doing so you are feeding 15 people in the Montana area. It's our DJ's goal to make sure every seat is sold...

Join Aaron Traylor in his most challenging attempt to help the city and state that he loves. Words of encouragement, cheers and donations will certainly be appreciated!  Listen for the live broadcast beginning at 10am until 6pm on Thursday, October 23rd as Aaron Stands UP with Montana and Sits DOWN for Hunger.

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