This is one of the most stereotypical Craigslist ‘Missed Connection’ ads I’ve ever read. Personally, I find it hilarious that this poor 33-year-old UM student mistook Ms. Iceland’s “excellent customer service” and conversation for doing her job ‘correctly’.

It reads:

Ms. Iceland at the Fox Club - m4w 33 (missoula)

We talked briefly and I turned down a lap dance, false intimacy, but then you gave my friend his first lap dance ever. Ps. His girlfriend really got a kick out of it, I think he's still in shock. Anyway, you mentioned you were researching an article and told me which publication it was for but I forgot. Remind me again? I was a comm major and it sounds intriguing. And thank you so much for the excellent customer service. My group had a great night!

Here’s how I look at it. When I was a waitress, darn straight I brought my customer the steak, cooked just the way he liked it. That was my job. And Ms. Iceland was just doing her job too.

This also leads me to the assumption, that yes, most strippers do have aspirations and are dancing to put themselves through college.

Call me old fashioned, but unless you’re in Vegas, celebrating a birthday in your early 20’s or you or your friend’s last night of freedom, why  don’t you A.) have a woman yourself or B.) do something productive with your time? Clearly this 33-year-old got a slow start to college and an even slower start to stripper etiquette. What part of Ms. Iceland straddling your friend while talking to you about some BS research topic made you think that was love at first sight?

I’m guessing since Ms. Iceland wasn’t too shy about baring her breasts, she wouldn’t be too shy about being forward and handing over her digits. But, hey maybe I am way off base and completely wrong. If so, please let me know. The bigger question that I would love answered: What topic was Ms. Iceland researching?!

On a final note. I would like to commend Mr. Comm Major on a CL ad free of misspellings and grammatical errors. Pretty unheard of on the site.

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