We are right in the middle of the Office Christmas Party season and some of the funniest things happen at those events. Although one thing is for sure, you never want to be the reason for the story because they often end in disaster. The hilarious folks at sellmymobile.com came up with the list of the Most Regrettable Moments At Office Christmas Parties and here is the list:

  1. Breaking your phone
  2. Injuring yourself while intoxicated
  3. Losing your wallet or money
  4. Appearing in an embarrassing photo on social media
  5. Kissing a colleague
  6. Losing your phone
  7. Saying something completely inappropriate
  8. Throwing up on someone
  9. Quitting your job.

Just hearing this list makes me laugh out loud, while I have been to some very fun office parties things have never gotten that out of hand. Our Christmas Party is coming up soon and while I would love to see some craziness the most important thing is that everyone gets home safe. So, while you're planning your office Christmas party remember to designate a sober right home before leaving for the party.

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