Everyone loves getting a good deal on a delicious meal. After asking co-workers and friends I have come up with nine different locations around town with good food at great prices.


  • 1

    5 On Black

    Everything on the menu is amazing!
  • 2

    Taco Sano

    Go for a big burrito and try the Sano tots!
  • 3


    Try the Meatball Sandwich with Cucumber Salad!
  • 4

    Noodle Express

    I go for the Beef Noodle Bowl everytime!
  • 5

    Good Food Store

    You have to try the salad bar!
  • 6

    Dan's Soup & San

    The Jack Hammer is so good!
  • 7

    Taco Del Sol

    Go for the Mission Supreme Burrito!
  • 8

    Pita Pit

    Try the Dagwood, Yummy!
  • 9

    Jimmy John's

    My favorite is the #9 Italian Night Club!

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