You can't imagine what the great plains and the front range looked like back when Lewis and Clark made their journey west. With herds of bison so large that they would dam a river with their bodies. But, since that time, the bison population plummeted. For native tribes that truly admired the massive creatures, seeing the bison population dwindle had to be heart breaking.

Just this past week, an effort to return wild bison to the prairie, took place on the Fort Peck reservation.

According to the Mountain Journal's post on Facebook

55 bison bulls from Yellowstone were released with much joyousness to the Sioux and Assiniboine Nations at Fort Peck out on the Montana prairie. In our view, it's a far better and more inspiring fate than the scene of slaughter that has dominated management of bison once they leave the national park. Look for a story coming soon from MoJo but meantime enjoy this video taken to mark the occasion of their release. Video courtesy Yellowstone Superintendent Cam Sholly......Remember to turn up the sound volume and listen to the honoring song.....

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