I love bars and I'm not afraid to say it. Meeting new people, getting down to some music and of course, sipping tasty drinks is a great way to have fun. I've spent my fair share of Saturday nights at different taverns, pubs, saloons, dives and breweries, but I've never been to an activity bar, probably because there are so few in Montana. An activity bar is exactly what it sounds like, a bar centered around a certain activity or a selection of activities. I'm not saying every bar needs some sort of gimmick, my favorite places to drink will always be traditional bars. That said, it would be nice to have some options. Here are 5 activity bars Montana needs, or needs more of:

Arcade Bars

It'll be kind of when you were a kid, except you'll be laughing obnoxiously, stumbling around and talking too loud. Actually, it'll be exactly like when you were a kid.

Shuffleboard Bars

Sure, it's not the most high-action game in the world, but I imagine it could be pretty exciting when you're tipsy.

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Mini-Golf Bars

I love mini golf because it's fun to play and because of the festive courses, though I'd hate to see a bar fight with those putters. I hope someone opens a mini golf bar in Montana as long as they have great security.

Board-Games Bars

Let's just make sure we end the night with something easy like Candy Land, because there's no way I'll remember the rules to Settlers of Catan after a few Powder Hounds.

Axe-Throwing Bars

You probably think I'm making this up, but Butte actually has one of these. It's perfect for beer festivals according Montana Axe Throwing Co.'s website. Hold my beer, I'm chucking this tomahawk right at the bullseye.

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