Here are some things that contribute to emotional eating:

  • Body Hate – A bad body-image or hating your body is one of the biggest contributing factors to emotional eating. People think that hatred and negativity is a good motivator, but contrary to popular belief it actually hinders our progress more than it helps our progress.
  • Physiology – A lot of people allow themselves to get too tired or too hungry and then they eat WAY too much when then do eventually eat. Another thing to consider is the fact that we are less equipped to fight cravings when we are very hungry or tired.
  • Unawareness – When you are unaware of how much or why you are eating you are more inclined to fall victim to emotional eating. This can also be referred to as unconscious eating.
  • Unable to tolerate difficult feelings – We live in a world where we are used to quick fixes. We are not used to working through things and we definitely don’t like to struggle. Instead of attending to our feelings, we rather find a way to distract ourselves and for some of us food becomes our distraction.
  • Food as your only pleasure – For some people the big bowl of ice-cream after a hectic day at work is the highlight of their day. This is sad, but it’s true. If you don’t have anything in your life that excites you or makes you happy, you are more susceptible to emotional eating.

On my journey with food issues, self-awareness was the first step towards healing.

If you want to get rid of emotional eating you are going to HAVE to find the root. You are going to have to start being AWARE of your feelings and also the feelings or situations that trigger your emotional eating.

- Rachel Plumage NASM CPT Boxing Instructor/Personal Trainer Ridge Fitness

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