Next Friday can't come fast enough! Hope you're as PUMPED as I am to be making the journey out to one of the coolest live music venues in the country!

Whether you are a veteran festival goer or a rookie, these are the five things we think you MUST HAVE for Sasquatch 2017! See ya at The Gorge!!!

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    Adopt the 'Chase with Water' method this weekend! And if you don't want to pay $5+ for a water bottle inside the venue, think ahead and stock up your campsite so you can stay hydrated!

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    Let's be honest, you're gonna want to bring a bunch of random crap into the festival like a sweatshirt, spinner, makeup, cell phone charger etc. Make it easy on yourself and bring something to keep it all together!

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    Sasquatch is NOT the music festival to get all crazy/sexy with your shoe-ware! Do your feet a favor and keep it simple/comfortable with your shoes choice! I recommend Converse or Nikes!!!

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    A big fluffy and warm sweatshirt is the absolute MUST HAVE Sasquatch item! Even with good weather and hot day temps, the wind picks up at night and is straight up bone chilling! Bringing a warm sweatshirt might be the best decision you make all weekend!

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