One thing I love about Missoulians is the pride we have for our city. That's because we really do live in a fantastic place, and as a way of giving back lately I've put more effort into shopping local. I'm feeling sentimental just writing this, the Christmas spirt must be getting to me. Here's 5 Missoula-made gift ideas that'll jolly up your holiday:

A "Coffee Table" Book

"Missoula, I love you" is a "hardcover book filled with 175 photos capturing the essence of Missoula" according to the book's website. Photos taken by Missoula photographer Brian Powers.

Tarot Reading

Missoula-based Ferdinand Po offers a written (with pictures) 6-card guidance reading for $30, and a year-ahead 13-card reading. Email for inquires. It's not your typical Christmas gift, and that's what makes it such a great idea— don't worry I didn't pat myself on the back too hard.


According to, the website is "a channel for those of us who aren’t elite climbers, skiers, ultrarunners, and alpinists—the folks who love to get out there, but maybe don’t take it too seriously. Semi-Rad is enthusiasm for things regular folks can do, adventures for the everyperson." It was created by Missoula-based writer Brendan Leonard, and I love the positive messages on some of the shirts Semi-Rad sells, there's other cool stuff too.


Do you have a skater in your life? I think they'll love the art on these skateboards by Would Shop in East Missoula. Shop directly from Would Shop online, or visit Board Of Missoula, which keeps them in stock.


According to their Facebook page, Upcycled on Higgins is "a Salvaged Chic Boutique specializing in eclectic wares and wearables, made in Montana from repurposed materials." If you're looking for a cute gift, consider taking a stroll through Upcycled.

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