Dating sucks. If you're single in Montana you know this already. I know I for one have heard, and even said a few times myself that, "people just don't date like they used to!" But why is that?!

Here are my Top 4 Reasons Why Dating is SO HARD in Missoula:


In case you didn't know, Tinder is still one of the top dating apps used by the majority of singles in western Montana. As a Missoula transplant, this news came as a bit of a shock to me because the rest of the country has moved on to slightly classier(?) apps like Bumble and Hinge. In these states, Tinder is used primarily for hook-ups and unsolicited genitalia pictures. So if you have your eye on a Missoula transplant hottie and you know they're single but can't seem to find them on Tinder, it's probably because they're not there. If they're like me, they think Tinder is gross and are avoiding it at all costs.


Bumble is a growing trend for singles in western Montana. You're more likely to "connect" with a normal human being instead of getting catfished by a pervy psycho, like you would on Tinder or your Instagram DMs. The main problem you'll run into on Bumble in MT, is matching with someone but having the connection disappear because one, or both, of you are off camping, mountain biking, snowboarding etc., on a mountain somewhere with no internet connection and the 24 hour time-cap runs out. (Been there, done that!) But be aware that even if the stars align just right and you and your connection setup a time to meet, they can still turn out to be a beautifully wrapped pervy psycho. I wish I could say that this has only happened to me once, but unfortunately I seem to ONLY attract guys who don't know what they want or are super pretty pervy psychos...


The struggle is so real with this one, and it can be broken up into two parts:

  1. Everyone's Got A Past - Whether you like it or not, it's highly likely that the person you want to date, has dated someone(s) before you. And in a place as small as Missoula, it's even more likely that you know that someone(s). I don't know about you, but it's kind of hard for me to get excited about a guy whose dated half of Missoula's female population. #gross
  2. Running Into Your Ex - Downtown Missoula is awesome in many ways, but it isn't exactly known for its vast size. So I think we can all agree that running into your ex at Red's, and then again at Stock's would get really old really fast. And isn't it the way of the world that you'll keep running into the person you're desperately trying to avoid?! #NoThanks

No Good Place To Meet Single People

More and more these days it feels like the only other way to meet a single person looking for a relationship, besides a dating app, is through mutual acquaintances. This doesn't necessarily mean that people don't try and connect in a place like the Thomas Meagher Bar or James Bar, because it definitely happens! But in my experience, the guys that try and pick me up in a bar these days are only after one thing, sex. So unless you're looking for a hot one-night-stand, you're probably SOL. And when it comes to friends playing match-maker, I love them, but they're the absolute worst!!! It's probably why we're such close friends, we have different taste in men!

So if you can't meet a single person at a Missoula bar, online or through mutual friends, where in the heck are you supposed to find them?! No seriously, where? Asking for a friend, myself and the rest of the singles in Missoula...


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