Finding a consistent workout that fits easily into your lifestyle seems a lot harder than it actually is. Missoula has so many amazing places to workout, with new fitness centers popping up all over the place.

The one I'm most excited about opening is the Orangetheory Fitness! The workouts are one hour and can burn calories for up to 36 hours later. How crazy is that? It's a combination of cardio and muscle building that can help anybody at any fitness level to improve their health through exercise! Plus you're surrounded by like-minded Missoulians who are all pushing themselves to reach their own personal goals!

Orangetheory Missoula has their full class schedule posted right out front and there are so many different times you can choose from! Plus, there are like a million special deals you can take advantage of before they actually open!

Here are 3 reasons why you should stop into Orangetheory Fitness Missoula before they officially open on November 9th:

  1. Become a Founding Member!
    1. Founding Members get a special price that lasts as long as they are a consistent member of Orangetheory.
  2. Heart Rate Monitor
    1. Before the Grand Opening of Orangetheory, you can stop by the studio and purchase your heart monitor for a discounted price. The monitor is already synced with the Orangetheory system but you can also use it on all of your other exercises outside of the class. All the data it collects will be easily accessible on your Orangetheory account!
  3. Seeing Orangetheory Studio for Yourself
    1. The new Missoula Orangetheory studio is something you have to see to believe! From the minute you walk in you can feel the energy the room gives off! Nothin' like all new equipment to get your heart racing a little bit!

For more info on Orangetheory Fitness and details about their special Founding Member pricing, stop by the studio located at 3624 Brooks Street or find them on Facebook at Orangetheorymissoula!

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