You ever think about what you're going to order for dinner tonight and start flashing back to the incredible sandwich you had at Dan's Soup and San all those years ago? Or maybe you took the whole family out to Johnny Carino's for some great Italian food? And then, you get a little bummed - those places are no longer around!

A few weeks ago, we took to our Facebook page to ask Missoulians if they could re-open any place in Missoula that closed down, what would it be?

Turns out, people had a lot of opinions!

We received over 1800 comments on that Facebook post, with a wide variety of answers. There were some recent closures on there, sure, but we were surprised by how deep some of them went. Places that have been gone for 20 or 30 years were still getting a lot of love in the comments. I guess that speaks to the power of nostalgia, and how much some of our favorite places can mean to us even so many years later.

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We went through all the comments and started to see a lot of the same names start to pop up - so, we decided to collect them all in one handy space. Below are 24 closed Missoula businesses that our listeners desperately want to bring back. And honestly, this barely even scratches the surface. We might have to do a Part 2 to this list before we're done here!

Is your favorite represented here? Add your thoughts to the Facebook post!

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