There's a saying that you should always expect the unexpected, but any rap fans didn't know what the writing on the wall was coming into 2015. 2014 had been a dismal year for rap music, with few monumental albums that put fans on the edge of their seats, waiting in anticipation for their release date to come. 2015 has had no such issues, with a new high-profile album from lauded rappers being unleashed almost every other week, it seems like.

We’ve been blessed with an abundance of major releases that have gotten the people more excited about the genre in comparison to the indifference that was prevalent over the past few years.

And with good reason, being that almost every album that has touched down since Jan. 1 has been well-received and set the stage for what is sure to be an eventful year for hip-hop. Everyone from mainstream darlings to underground mainstays have contributed to this modern renaissance of great rap music and changed the narrative of “hip-hop is dead.”

This is a positive revival that bodes well for the state of the culture. The BoomBox culled through various rap albums that were released this year and picked 20 that we feel stood out from the pack.

So without further ado, here's our list of the 20 Best Hip-Hop Albums of 2015. Did your favorite LP make the cut? Let us know in the comments below.

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