It doesn't really matter whether or not you've grown up in Montana, or are a transplant like me, there are definitely certain foods that hit your internal Montana nostalgia button every time you eat it!

Here are 10 Foods that every single Montanan knows, and for the most part, loves!

1. Huckleberry Milkshakes

  • Huckleberries in general are SO Montana. But there's definitely something special about the huckleberry milkshakes that are sold on the side of the road on your to, or from, Flathead Lake to Missoula.

2. #1 Gyros (The Greek Pastry Shop)

  • You honestly can't get anymore Greek, or Montana, than #1 Gyros. I'd say we're pretty damn lucky that Missoula has the best Greek in the PNW!

3. Viking

  • a.k.a. "meatball on a stick." If you've been to the Western Montana Fair in Missoula, or any other fair in the state, then you know exactly what I'm talkin' about!

(Surprisingly no one likes posting "eating vikings" photos... So here's a picture of a viking!)

Torchlight Procession Begins Edinburgh's Hogmanay Celebrations
Jeff J Mitchell, Getty Images

4. Hoagieville Cheese Fries

  • Nothing really fulfills those aggressive hangover cravings like a large order of Hoagieville cheese fries. I mean, I'm not even sure if you can classify the "cheese" they use as real cheese. But whatever it is, it's insanely delicious and definitely a Montana staple!

5. Flathead Cherries

  • People always say, and I totally agree, that you put up with Montana winters because of the Montana summers. Sure California has beautiful weather all year round, but nothing even comes close to a Montana summer. I'm drooling a little just thinking about driving around town with the windows down, music all the way up and a nice big bag of the most delicious Flathead cherries!

6. All Ice Cream At Big Dipper

  • It doesn't matter if it's 1,000 degrees or dumping snow, when that ice cream craving hits, you're going straight to Big Dipper!

7. La Petite Baguette

  • One of my best friends from college came back to Missoula for a visit, and on her last day, bought 4 La Petite french baguettes. Two were for her long drive back to Wyoming and the other two were for her to enjoy when she actually made it home. But honestly, can you really blame her?
Vive La France- Show
Chris Jackson, Getty Images

8. Sourdough Pancakes At Paul's

  • When I first heard of sourdough pancakes, I gotta admit that I was more than a little hesitant. But holy smokes are they delicious! And of course no one does pancakes better than Paul's!

9. 4 B's Tomato Soup

10. Double Front Chicken

  • Come on, ya can't beat super fresh, never frozen, Montana chicken from Double Front. Sure the wait is a little long at times, but you already know it's worth it!


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